October 25, 2015

Why WooCommerce Is The Best Solution For Middle East Ecommerce Websites

by Cherif Badawi

As the entire globe embraces the advancement of technology, setting up an ecommerce business seems to be an ongoing trend even to the progressive country of Egypt. Nowadays, Egypt is not only known for its rich ancient civilization history, particularly the Great Pyramid of Giza, but it is also becoming a promising venue for all kinds of entrepreneurs wishing to tap the world of the internet. With the growing number of internet users doing online transactions, many investors see this business opportunity in very positive terms.



Why does Egypt pose as an attractive market for ecommerce companies?



There are countless reasons why Egypt poses great marketability for investors wishing to set-up ecommerce stores; some of these reasons may include the following:

  • – The cost to start a business in Egypt is generally low
  • – Egyptians love to shop online
  • – Average internet users in Egypt is around 3 million individuals
  • – Overall penetration of ecommerce has already reached 8%; this is expected to triple by 2016 with an estimated value of $447.3 million expenditures on ecommerce only
  • – WooCommerce continuous to be a top choice platform among newbie merchants due to its top notch integration system approach, which is perfect for service or product related business



Now, let’s dig deeper to the real score why WooCommerce is the ideal partner for any start-up ecommerce business:


  • It’s absolutely free

Yes, this is definitely the best offer any budding online merchant could get from choosing WooCommerce; it’s free to download! If you have limited budget there is no reason why you can’t carry on with your goal of starting an ecommerce store. WooCommerce helps you to realize this dream.


  • Flexibility

Another awesome advantage of using WooCommerce for your ecommerce business is the room for flexibility is endless, meaning even if you aren’t tech savvy you can still understand the technical side of this platform. Merchants have the freedom to do whatever they want on their product category, prices, independent attributes and a lot more. Apart from that, WooCommerce stores allow you to sell anything from physical goods to virtual, downloadable and even affiliate products.


  • Open more doors to opportunities

Choosing WooCommerce as your platform can open more doors to opportunities outside your business’ goals. How? First, it helps you to set-up a full operational online store within an impressive website. Second, it allows you to integrate a blog section where you can post regular blog posts that can eventually increase your online visibility once online users are directed to your blogs. Last, your online store becomes a one stop shop, not only for goods or services that people are willing to buy, but also a perfect venue to get valuable information or sources of inspiration through the blogs you share.


  • User-friendly interface

Another great deal for using WooCommerce is the user-friendly interface, since it’s a WordPress plugin. Anyone who knows how to navigate the WordPress could easily get acquainted with WooCommerce navigation features in a shorter period of time without much difficulty.


  • Wide range of customization options

WooCommerce offers its users a wide range of themes via their WooCommerce Themes Store for free. You don’t even have to worry in the event you wish to change your chosen theme because it has a pre-set CSS styles and color themes.


  • Establish professionalism

The moment you have successfully managed to set-up your ecommerce platform, you have the privilege to establish a professional image in your setting by using WooCommerce’s other features like order tracking and customer engagement tools, tax settings, inventory management and coupon codes. All these are geared towards helping you develop a more professional looking ecommerce store.


  • Easy to manage Analytics tool

One of the tempting offers of WooCommerce is that the website owner doesn’t have to worry about tracking their online performance in terms of sales, inventory and customers. WooCommerce has taken full responsibility to cover all these concerns by providing merchants with a built-in analytic system feature that is easy to manage. Here, you can get verifiable statistic reports in the form of graphs that are easy to understand.


  • Provide add-ons

Those who want to combine creativity and functionality will never be disappointed because WooCommerce understands the growing needs of each merchant. They have hundreds of WooCommerce extensions; some are free while others require minimal fees ranging from various applications like accounting, payments, marketing, reporting and others for your selection.


  • Bigger possibility for growth

As I’ve mentioned, WooCommerce offers flexibility to ecommerce owners and alongside this is the possibility for growth and expansion. How is this possible? The platform gives you full rights on how you wish to set-up, run and manage your ecommerce store in the long run. It doesn’t matter one bit whether you wish to make modifications or improvements on your present set-up or not.