October 12, 2015

Ultimate Guide When Choosing The Best Web Design Company in Egypt

by Cherif Badawi

In today’s fast-paced digital age, anyone who owns a business or offers a consultancy benefits to a high degree from having an impressive website. Why? First of all, a website will help you achieve your online presence for your target customers. But aside from this, a website boosts your image and brand, not only as one who can provide a solution for a customer, but as someone knowledgeable in an area who speaks with a great deal of credibility. Having a website can represent you and your brand 24/7 without interruption. In today’s competitive market, a website is a must have, especially if your competition hasn’t gotten around to building their own site. Now that you have a clearer idea why having a website is a necessity nowadays, your next concern is finding the right team of web developers who can turn your dream website into a reality.

What are the possible questions that you could ask to verify if the prospective web design company is the best provider?

  • Do they have a clear understanding of your personal or business motives?

This is a key question that you need to clarify with your potential web design company. You want to know: “Do they have a clear understanding of what you really want to achieve, whether it is a personal motive or business goal?” For example, if the objective is to create a virtual representation of your existing business, your site must stick to this vision. Your focus will then be on giving informative ideas to your target audience while educating them about your products or services. During this initial scoping session, it is vital that your potential web design firm can show a list of happy customers from previous engagements where solutions were built and implemented according to requirements.

  • How do they handle a particular project?

If you want to measure their level of expertise, ask the person in charge of your website creation, “How do they handle a project?” Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been doing design work. What matters most is how they’ve performed. There are plenty of startup web design firms that excel in delivering the best methodologies or strategies to meet a customer’s specific requirements. Make sure your web design prospect knows your specific industry well, so they can derive workable solutions or recommendations to match your needs. Again, don’t hesitate to ask the company for their portfolio as well as other documents to help you evaluate their competency; these can consist of performance ratings or customer feedback reports.

  • Where does the web design company focus their efforts, content and user experience?


The overall success of your website and how customers perceive your value really depends on its layout. If your web developer focuses only on the appearance of your website rather than on its function or usage, then you’re heading in the wrong direction. This is especially true if your mission is to inform and educate your online users. Your potential web design company must tackle both appearance and functionality when creating your website. This means that both content and user experience are critical. If the firm can’t help bring the right message to your target audience, then you’re just wasting your time, money and energy. Make sure that whoever works on your website puts equal emphasis on both the layout and content of your website.

  • Do you get your money’s worth?

When it comes to building their websites, some business owners are a bit reluctant about paying the web developer’s professional fees. Before you commit to any web design agency, make sure everything is clear on pricing. Ask yourself, “Do you really get the kind of service you’re paying for?” Try to reassess your past marketing expenses. Did they provide the desired return on investment? Think of building a website as a long-term investment. Unlike those costly advertisements that run for a limited period of time, a website allows you to achieve maximum online presence and a wider market reach.

  • Can they deliver excellent communication and documentation channels?

The entire web community keeps changing. It’s important that your prospective web design company can deliver excellent communication and documentation channels. Why? As a paying customer you have the right to know every step along the way as they create your website. A credible web design agency will provide detail explanations on the technical side of your website creation. If there are things you don’t understand, they will meet and clarify everything until you know everything you need to about their procedures or recommendations. If, at this stage, you’re still not confident about their advice, do your own research.

  • How about the technical support system?

So, your chosen designer team has finally built your website and it has gone live. What happens next? Do they just leave you on your own to handle critical issues? Any dependable web design company will provide technical support service for a specified period after the initial launch as part of their warranty. It’s important to clarify this in the initial agreement before the team starts building your site.