October 11, 2015

Designing an Experience

by Cherif Badawi

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” - Steve Jobs

It’s true that experience is everything. In the digital age today, consumers expect more from businesses. Designing an experience for your customers takes crucial work. It takes critical thinking, substantial planning and continuous assessing to produce a well-crafted experience. To provide an excellent customer experience is a challenging task, but also worth taking.

What is designing customer experience and what is it about?

Designing a customer experience is about creating the right environment. Customer experience is a product of good understanding of the customer behaviour. It is the integration of technological innovations, strategy and support systems to address consumer necessities. A brands customer experience advances by satisfying a set of customers, resulting for them to share your brand to others.

How can a company achieve a great designing experience for their customers?

Companies are to regularly search for ways to acquire and preserve customer loyalty. The digital age is a battle for attention, but it will also be a battle for the best customer experience offers. To waste someone’s time through inferior design would lead to loss of customer confidence. It is always best to invest in the architecture of your customer experience.

  • Begin With the Right Foundation


Always begin by identifying your target audience. Know their needs, their problems, their wants. People have different points of views, tastes and capabilities. Citizens of Egypt have their own set of dilemmas. Focus on that. Navigate towards solutions. Establish your brand in relation to that need. Impress in their mind that when the need arises, they will connect to your brand in an emotional and adhesive way. The target audience in Egypt will have different likes and dislikes. There is no exact way on how you can achieve the best customer experience, but there are excellent ways that might help you.

  • Track the Experience


Keep track of the experience from start to finish. Include entry points, exit points, digital engagements, social media interactions and other activities. Take a hawkish view on the integral activities, parts and keywords. Dedicate your focus on grasping a clear overview. Get a hold from start to finish. Have a gestalt view to help you navigate the project for the better.

A common mistake many business owners make is not being future-oriented with regards to customer experience.

Being future-oriented means that you’ll have to always look after your customer. It is a customer-oriented mentality that is always on the lookout on what possible circumstances could arise in the customer experience.

A good architectural framework for customer experience starts with the acknowledgement that there will always be room for changes and improvements. Focusing on negativity is never the course, focusing on the solution is what business is all about. A customer-serving mentality leads you to establish the integrity of care and faithfulness to your calling. It will then lead to the instituting better reputation and better relationships with your customers.

  • Identify the Weak Points


When you track the customer experience, you will recognize which areas need changes or improvement. As mentioned, the customer experience is a never-ending process. Continuously make sure that you are on track to your goals. Stay ahead of the line by having a good grasp of your company data. Seek ways to improve your service so you can boost customer loyalty. Turn valuable insights into actions.

A robust experience-tracking tool will help you perceive redundancies, inconsistencies, or inefficiencies in your system. Your outreach work to the Egyptian market will then be more successful. Persistently seek to evaluate your procedures, invest resource and constantly learn to achieve efficient and pleasurable customer experience.

Egypt is a growing market. It is rapidly evolving as a prime hotspot for the business sector. This is why we see the country more often now on the lime light.